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chalobest project, an FSF India entry is a finalist

Chalobest project, was submitted as an FSF India entry at Digital Empowerment Foundation event called mobile4good.   We have reached the final round.

The Digital Empowerment Foundation, an Indian trust, has been organising public service awards for some years in the area of socially oriented services and enterprises in the digital domain. This year, the mobile telecom services provider Vodafone has sponsored an eponymous award, offering Rs 4 million worth of prize money in four categories under the label 'Mobile for Good'.

FSF India has been promoting and assisting an ambitious public service operating on a collective network basis by a group of enthusiasts providing a spectrum of expert contributions. Named ChaloBEST, a portmanteau word combining the vernacular equivalent of 'let's go' and BEST, the local Mumbai omnibus service provider, the objective is to provide commuters and other local travellers with accurate and useful knowledge, enabling them to make superior choices relating to travel within the city. It operates in close cooperation with the travel operator, using official schedules and transit (estimated) times, enhanced in a variety of ways.

The information is (requested and) annunciated through a range of messaging options,  beginning with the Short Messaging Service available on every kind of mobile telephone, to rich messaging through the Web, also portably accessible via smartphones.

The project has been shortlisted to the final list of awardees, to be announced in Delhi on July 18. FSF India is supporting the travel costs for a pair of volunteers to attend the event, make a
presentation, and provide public information about the project, and the involvement of FSF India at a public exhibition being heldconsonant with the award ceremony.

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