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'Say no to Microsoft and Google' RMS in Kochi - Expressbuzz

Expressbuzz | Cities | Kochi

KOCHI: It is 5.30 p.m, but Richard Stallman is walking around in his air-conditioned room in a multi-storeyed building at Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, holding a mosquito bat and swatting the insects as soon as he sees any of them. “If you keep the door open, they will swarm in,” he says. It seems that one of the world’s premier activists of free software is not happy with the freedom of mosquitoes to fly around anywhere.

 “Free software means programming that respects the user’s freedom,” says Stallman, as he finally settles down on a chair and has a cup of tea all by himself. “This includes the liberty to study the source code and change it, to make the programme do what you wish, and have the right to distribute copies.”


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