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Why is free software important to you?

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Submit your response to our new video campaign!

The FSF is launching a new advocacy campaign, and we'd love to have
you involved.

One of the most important tasks for us at FSF is to help foster the
understanding that free software is crucial to a free society, and
that citizens should switch to free software at home and in their own
work, for freedom's sake.  But in many ways, most of this work has
always been done by the millions of free software users around the
world, telling others why they care about free software and what they
use it for.

So, why not make all that energy, specificity, and persuasion part of
our message to the world on  And what better way to do it
than with videos from free software supporters, published using free
formats and an exciting new free standard for online video?

In 2-5 minutes, using a camcorder, digital camera, or webcam, you can
create a video about why you or a friend love free software. Then
submit your video and invite friends to do the same!

Submission guidelines:

* <>

At the Women in Free Software Summit and the Boston celebration of
Software Freedom Day 2009, FSF volunteer Dana Moser roved the event
asking participants the following questions, and making videos of the

* "What do you do with free software?"
* "Why do you like free software?"
* "Why is software freedom important to you?"

Blog post with Dana's videos:

* <>

Direct links to the video files:

* <>
* <>

More about Dana:

* <>

We look forward to watching your contributions!


Holmes Wilson

Free Software Foundation

P.S. We've been collecting written testimonials for a while -- check
out the link below.  If you'd like to submit a written testimonial,

* <>

If you'd also like to put up a short video to be part of our end of
year fundraising campaign, instructions are here:

* <>

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