In 1983, Richard Stallman launched the free software movement with the words, "Free Unix!" We've freed a lot more than that in the last thirty years. The GNU system is now a vast universe of fully free operating systems, window managers, andsoftware that serves almost every imaginable purpose. More than 95 percent of the world's supercomputers run free software. A majority of web servers run free software. Even more impressive, there are estimated to be tens of millions of free software users worldwide.

That's a lot to celebrate. This weekend, the Free Software Foundation will be honoring thirty years of GNU with a celebration and hackathon in Cambridge, MA. Around the world, there are over eighteen celebrations planned on almost every inhabited continent. And online, people are showing their love for GNU by embedding the special 30th anniversary badge on their websites and donating to support GNU's future work.

Please join us in the celebration: